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A&J Scott weighs in for Italian Job

Posted: 18th December 2016

Oak burrA recent shipment of logs from A&J Scott looked set to blow the doors off this container!

The 2 container shipment of oak and elm logs was sent from the company’s Northumberland site to Turkey to be veneered on behalf of an Italian furniture manufacturer. The shipment included this spectacular 12 tonne oak burr log, pictured here needing extra power to be loaded into the container.

Andrew Scott, Chairman, said, “It’s fantastic to see home grown Oak being exported for the  manufacture of quality products. There’s a strong demand for quality British timbers and we’re delighted to be able to supply this to the standards required by international customers”.

A&J Scott’s round timber division now handles over 5000m3 per year of home grown hardwoods, the majority of which is Oak, as well as special Douglas Fir and Larch.

This part of the business runs alongside the market leading independent sawmill supplying sawn home grown fencing and landscaping timbers to customers across the UK. The company was named this year by the London Stock Exchange as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in 2016.

Oak burr  Oak burr