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Shaped oak no tall order for AJS!

Posted: 6th April 2016

We have been very pleased to supply some specially selected home grown oak recently to the Blyth Tall Ship project.

Blyth Tall Ship is recapturing the spirit of adventure and global entrepreneurship that was employed in Blyth to discover the Antarctic Landmass 200 years ago in a sailing ship called the Williams, to inspire future generations to fulfil their full potential by:

  • Setting up and running a training centre in a traditional workshop that introduces engineering skills through the medium of heritage boat building, working alongside retired engineers.

  • Running an Expedition to celebrate the discovery of the Antarctic Landmass from Blyth in 1819 by restoring and refitting a similar heritage vessel to the original and repeating the voyage with young people from Blyth.

  • Developing a Museum and Visitor attraction alongside partners on the quayside at Blyth.

The project has acquired a 100 year old Baltic Trader, Williams II, which is now being restored by volunteers and apprentices, in preparation for the Antarctic expedition in 2019, 200 years after the original expedition. The ship was built in Denmark in 1914, constructed using oak planks on oak frames. 

As part of the restoration, some of the oak planks on the ship's hull have been replaced, using home grown oak sourced by A&J Scott. While most of the logs were regular in shape, some were selected for their curved shape, allowing a good fit for this particular requirement. 

Our pictures show the Williams II preparing for restoration, a shaped oak log being cut at our Wooperton mill, and the oak planks being fitted in the drydock. More pictures are available here as the project continues.

Williams II                Oak log                  Oak planks in place